At iGrow international school the CBSE curriculum, is designed keeping in mind multi-dimensional child centric approach. It is both interactive and pragmatic. We nurture the child to be confident, self-sufficient, develop independent thought process and a never ending urge for learning. Students are taught to be inclined for various lesson based tests where they are given complete freedom to express the concept of the lesson according to their individual understanding.!

The naturally curious minds are exposed to conditions that can evoke freedom of thoughts and expression. They are encouraged to read books of different authors and appreciate the work. Language development, Concept formation, socio-emotional skills along with fine and gross development happen simultaneously through exploration, interrogation and eventually self-discovery.

We approach the students with high standards, our nurturing and our dedicated faculty create a sense where students embrace the challenges presented in and out of the classroom. In our opinion, no school provides a better balance of program in academics, arts, and athletics. The expectations at school in these areas give students the best and a broad foundation, while allowing them to excel in their strengths.

Cognitive development is a broad area that covers logical reasoning, perception, awareness and judgment which is developed in students through various activities like role play, group discussion, drama and weekly presentation on different topics.