Reputation, admiration and compassion may not be merely ideas, they are encouraged and practiced that will shape up your child’s character here at iGrow!

iGrow International School is the hub for all learners who strive for excellence; values and shapes one's character; nurtures passion for learning; promotes the balanced development of mind, body, and character; encourages service; and instils a sense of respect for others.

Core Principles: Reputation, Admiration & Compassio

In adopting these core principles, reputation, admiration and compassion, iGrow assures the development of character as an essential and ever-present element of its mission. Commitment to these core principles will guide the School's decisions and infuse all areas of iGrow life. All members of the school will strive to model the behaviour we wish others to achieve by adopting. We will not fail in recognizing and highlighting behaviours that will serve as models not just for the school but for the society as a whole.

The School will constantly use its resources, curriculum to promote its mission statement and initiatives by involving in parent, board and faculty meetings

To keep the principles at the forefront of our school, each year the school will focus on all the three core principles: honour, respect, and compassion.