Mr. Venkat Pallabothula comes from a modest agricultural family background, yet the zeal to do good to the society insisted him to migrate to Hyderabad and take up Information Technology as his career. The hard work and perseverance proved a great person in making. Founder of a premier IT training center iGrow in Hyderabad he delivered world class training to countless students. Inculcating principles to be and doing good has always been his priority item, and making money has been least of his intentions. His utmost focus has always been to ensure the best of education reaches the remotest villages of India.

Venkat Pallabothula

The idea of iGrow International School comes from a void in and around Narasaraopet. He felt there is a need of an international school in Narasaraopet that provides quality education with an affordable price for the students and parents. Thus evolved iGrow, being on the side is Mr. Murali Pallabothula, his sibling who appreciated and assured all the help.

Mr. Venkat stresses on the fact that the outbound students navigate through a diverse and ever-changing world providing them with the opportunity to develop robust academic skills and to cultivate unique talents. Anyone who knows him from the close quarters would admire his leadership qualities, his simplistic nature and an undying character to give the best to the society!

If you visit the school you will quickly see that his thoughts and principles have translated into some of the strongest academic focus the staff provides to the students. His fore vision has earned a reputation of an academic excellence by churning the most meritorious students out of iGrow International School.

Above all his simplicity and docile character has earned him many friends and yet he feels that this world is ‘Vasudaika Kutumbam’.

The motto he puts in practice each day in life:
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mr. Murali Pallabothula the younger among the brothers has shown what it takes to be a successful individual. With 4 siblings and from an agricultural background, the education options were limited. Making the best use of the available resources he finished his MCA and went on to become a successful software programmer.

Work then provided an opportunity to gain worldly exposure. From Mumbai to America his extensive travel for work didn’t deter him from the mission of providing world-class education from the town where he was born and raised.

Murali Pallabothula

His goals complement with that of his elder brother Mr. Venkat Pallabothula and both embarked on a mission, a mission that would touch many lives being part of iGrow International School in Narasaraopet.

Understanding the schooling structure abroad and seeing them first hand, Mr. Murali gained immense experience and constantly thrives to implement them without affecting the core academic principles of the education system in India. He often claims that he expects the students to take their academic responsibilities seriously yet to possess sufficient humility so that they can laugh and not take themselves too seriously. He says at iGrow he expects those very same classrooms to be defined by respectfulness and civility. Those goals are of great importance to the faculty: they are fundamental.

Mr. Murali leaves no stone unturned to ensure the latest and greatest of the technology is within the hands of the pupils, who will shape the future of the nation. It is the same will and determination that the school is built on providing the finest education. Mr. Venkat and Murali believe in the core values that the students will dig deeper, reach higher, and stretch further when the mentorship nurtures them to be inquisitive and challenge themselves at all times.

Mr. Murali and Mr. Venkat believe that more than successes, iGrow is about people. The school is inspired every day by the highly talented faculty whose expertise, passion and care for the students is unending. Our students are smart, talented and energetic. The founder consider parents as their partners and thank them for sharing their children with them, for entrusting their children’s future.

His motto in life:
“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing to others?” – Martin Luther Jr.